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Dog training without electric shock

Dog training without electric shock

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Model: P-collar 630
Colour: Black
Material: ABS
Power supply: lithium battery rechargeable power supply
Waterproof: The remote control is waterproof, the receiver is fully waterproof
Adapter plug: American regulations, British regulations, European regulations, Australian regulations

1. The maximum control distance can reach 600 meters;

2. Independent vibration and sound buttons, 16 levels can be adjusted;

3. The controller has a blue backlight LCD;

4. Power saving function, rechargeable design, 2 hours fast charging, longer standby time.

5. Increase the receiver to support training two dogs at the same time, if necessary, please shoot one pair two.

6. Dog training device has power management, code matching function, memory function and waterproof function. (The receiver with waterproof effect is immersed in a water depth of 1 meter for 3 hours and still works normally, and there is no penetration of water.)

7. After the remote controller has no button designated time (30 seconds), the backlight turns off. After the backlight source turns off, after no button designated time (5 minutes), the LCD will be turned off automatically.

8. Remote controller battery power display: The current battery power information is displayed through the battery power information of the LCD screen. If the battery power is insufficient, the LCD screen battery frame flashes to remind.

9. The receiver automatically sleeps after not specifying the command for a specified period of time (300 seconds). The receiver will wake up from the sleep state by shaking the vibration switch or pressing the button.

10. The receiver's power is insufficient, you can use the indicator light to flash quickly to remind and alert.


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